sWe provide full VicRoads vision reports for assesing fitness to drive. In Victoria, there are different VicRoads vision standards for assessing fitness to drive a private vehicle compared to a commercial vehicle like a bus or truck. The vision standards are stricter for people who hold a commercial vehicle license such as truck drivers license and they consider the central vision, peripheral vision, and any existing eye conditions. 

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Some occupations may have certain vision standards or may need a vision reports when applying for a job. Occupations such as Victoria Police officers, protective services officers, and pilots require more detailed vision assessment and vision reports including checks for binocular vision, depth perception, and color vision. Other occupations may need special safety glasses to comply with workplace safety.

At Allied Eye Care we can perform assessment and reporting for fitness to drive, workplace safety and referrals to private surgeons or public hospitals. Whether you need a referral to your preferred private ophthalmologist or to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital or Northern Hospital for cataract surgery we’re here to help get you to the right place. Book an eye test today.

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Eye tests are bulk billed. That means no out of pocket costs for you with a valid Medicare card. All tests include Digital Retinal Imaging. You can even claim your health insurance rebate on the spot.

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