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That’s right, only $89 for prescription glasses. Thats  frames with standard single vision lenses (for reading or distance). We offer a range of carefully selected stylish and affordable frames for your single vision, bifocal or multifocal Prescription Glasses requirements. Below are some of the common lenses and treatment options we offer, your optometrist will discuss your needs and prescribe the perfect pair for you.


The most common type of prescription lens with one point of focus, either distance (driving/TV) or near (reading/computer). This simple lens is easy to adapt to however some people need both reading and distance glasses so instead of 2 separate pairs a bifocal or multifocal lens may be more convenient.


When you need reading glasses now on top of your other specs, bifocals may be what you need. These lenses have a physical line in the lens so everything above the line is for viewing in the distance and below the line is for near. A sing pair of bifocal prescription glasses can be good for replacing multiple pairs of single vision glasses however some people find the image jump disturbing, so it requires some time to adapt to bifocals.


As the name suggests allows you to focus at multiple viewing distances (distance/intermediate and near) with a single pair of eyeglasses. This newer technology also known as progressive lenses does not have a physical line in the lens like bifocals so gives a smoother transition between the distance and reading viewing zones. This means more natural viewing, ideal for people who use the computer. Like bifocals however multifocal lenses take time to adapt to due to the peripheral distortion so give a few weeks to adapt to multifocal glasses.
Premium Multicoat: Not just anti-glare but also scratch resistant, water repellent and smudge-resistant so your lenses stay cleaner for longer.

Sun protection: You can add different tints and UV protection to your prescription glasses to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. From standard tinting in different colors and grades to light adaptive transition lenses and polaroid sunglasses we have got your sunnies covered.

Thinner and lighter lenses: If you have a strong prescription your lenses may be thick and heavy. What you need are Hi-index lenses to make your eyeglasses thinner and lighter. Talk to our optometrist about thinner and lighter lens options.

Your prescription glasses should give you clear and comfortable vision, but we know sometimes new glasses can take time to adjust to, so we give you time to fall in love with your new glasses.

If you are not comfortable with the vision in your new glasses within the first 3 months, we’ll make it right or give your money back! Simple.

That’s our Great Vision Guarantee.


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Eye tests are bulk billed. That means no out of pocket costs for you with a valid Medicare card. All tests include Digital Retinal Imaging. You can even claim your health insurance rebate on the spot.

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