In Australia, 90% of vision impairment is preventable or treatable through early detection. That’s 4 out of every 5 people who are blind don’t have to be. At Allied Eye Care Optometrist we believe the best way to tackle this issue of avoidable blindness is through communication and collaboration with other primary health care providers so nobody falls through the cracks.

We are optometrists working in GP practices providing eye tests bulk billed through medicare. We keep your doctors in the loop about your eye health, through timely reports and direct communication we achieve better health outcomes for you.

We have a particular interest in diabetes eye care and we know prevention is the best cure. With the number of people in Australia being diagnosed with diabetes expected to double in a decade, it’s worrying that only 50% of Australians with diabetes are getting their eyes tested at the recommended frequency.

We are a fully mobile optometrist eye clinic that helps medical centres effectively implement government health initiatives to reduce the burden of diabetes and its associated eye disease.


With 89% of the worlds visually impaired living in low and middle-income settings, it’s important to think globally when tackling the issue of avoidable blindness. We support the non-profit charity Eye for the Horn of Africa which shares our passion for delivering eye care. Their initiatives with a team of optometrist and ophthalmologists have led to the screening of thousands of individuals, distribution of used glasses and performing 100s of cataract surgeries to restore sight and improve quality of life to underprivileged communities across East Africa.


of vision impairment in Australia is preventable or treatable


of vision impairment in Australia is due to uncorrected refractive error.


of patients with type 2 diabetes will develop eye disease within 20 years of diagnosis.


of Australians with diabetes don’t get an eye test as often as recommended.


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Eye Tests

Bulk billed comprehensive eye exams, including checks for ocular disease such as that related to cataract, diabetes, and glaucoma.


Prescription Glasses

Frames including standard single vision lenses only $89. We also offer bifocal and multifocal lenses for comfortable vision in all situations. Claim your health insurance rebate on the spot.


Diabetes Eye Care

Primary eye care management of patients with diabetes, including dilated pupil examination and retinal imaging. We’d love to be a part of your team care plan.


Vision Reports

Assessment and reporting for fitness to drive (private and commercial vehicles), Workplace safety, and triage to appropriate private and public eye care facilities.


Paediatric Eye Care

We can assess and treat vision problems in children. With regular eye exams, you can help your child achieve the best possible vision.

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Urgent Eye Care

Injuries, eye infections, and allergies can spring up from time to time. We are here to help when you need it most. Our optometrists are trained to prescribe medications and manage urgent conditions.

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Eye tests are bulk billed. That means no out of pocket costs for you with a valid Medicare card. All tests include Digital Retinal Imaging. You can even claim your health insurance rebate on the spot.

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